Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Vim users can enable Magpie syntax highlighting by downloading and configuring the Magpie Vim syntax using the following steps. Magpie syntax will be automatically highlighted for .magpie files.


  1. Vim can be downloaded here. Vim is included with most UNIX-like systems, including MacOS.

  2. Create vim syntax configuration directories if they do not already exist:

    1. mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax
      mkdir -p ~/.vim/ftdetect

Install Magpie Syntax Highlighting

  1. Copy the syntax/magpie.vim and ftdetect/magpie.vim files from the Silectis vim-magpie Github repository to your ~/.vim configuration directory. For example, using wget:

    1. wget -O ~/.vim/syntax/magpie.vim
      wget -O ~/.vim/ftdetect/magpie.vim
  2. Syntax highlighting can now be enabled for .magpie files using the :syntax on command. Optionally, you can turn on syntax highlighting globally by adding the following line to your ~/.vimrc file:

    1. syntax on

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