Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 users can download Magpie syntax highlighting from Sublime's Package Control. Magpie syntax will be automatically highlighted for .magpie files.


  1. Sublime Text 3, build 3092 or above.

  2. Install Sublime Package Control.

Steps to Install Magpie Syntax Highlighting

  1. Access Sublime’s Package Control.

    1. By using the menu Sublime Text > Preferences > Package Control…

    2. Or by pressing the shortcut keys ⌘+Shift+P and entering: Package Control: into the input box.

  2. Once open, select Package Control: Install Package from the results.

  3. Enter and select Magpie from the dropdown options.

  4. You will now see Magpie Script in your syntax options (bottom right hand corner of the editor window).

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