Connecting to BI Tools

Magpie supports a variety of business intelligence and data visualization tools. The platform's flexible data lake architecture allows it to serve as a hub for your enterprise data, and its underlying compute capabilities allow for ad hoc analysis and visualization.


On your Looker instance, navigate to the Admin > Connections page.  The information below provides the associated connection information; swap out the username and password for the appropriate Magpie credentials. This guide provides helpful instructions and troubleshooting: Connecting Looker to Your Database.

Additional params should be:



On your Tableau homepage, navigate to the Connect pane on the left side of the Start page. Select the Spark SQL connector. The screenshot below provides the associated connection information; swap out the username and password for your Magpie credentials. This Tableau guide provides helpful instructions and troubleshooting: Connecting Tableau to a Spark SQL Database.


Magpie supports connections over JDBC, in turn supporting a much larger number of BI tools than are presented here.

To use a custom JDBC connection, you'll need to download the JDBC Jar here and install the Jar per the instructions of your tool. Then utilize the connection string below.



From PowerBI Desktop, click Get Data and search for the Spark connector. Enter the Server and Protocol fields to match the screenshot below, swapping out your organization name in the server string.

Click OK. On the next page, enter your Magpie username and password and click Connect.


In a Dossier, click the New Data button, search for Spark, and select Spark SQL (JDBC). Magpie supports both the ODBC and JDBC drivers for Spark, but we recommend using the JDBC driver for the best experience.

Then, choose Select Tables under import options. On the Import from Table screen, click the + icon to create a new Data Source.

In the Data Source screen, select Spark SQL in the Database field and Spark SQL 2.x in the Version field.

At the bottom of the screen, click the Show connection string link and populate the connection string using the template below, replacing <org> with your Magpie host name. Finally, enter your Magpie username and password in the User and Password fields, and give your Magpie data source a name in MicroStrategy.

JDBC Connection String: (Windows or Mac)


ODBC Connection String: (Windows only)

DRIVER={MicroStrategy Spark ODBC Driver Client};HOST=<org>;PORT=443;DATABASE=default;UseNativeQuery=1;DefaultStringColumnLength=4000;AuthMech=3;SparkServerType=3;ThriftTransport=2;HTTPPath=sql;SSL=1;

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