Why don’t I have access to XYZ?

If you cannot access something as you expect, you have not been given access to those objects. You can be granted access to object by your administrator.

This query has been "pending" for a long time, what gives?

Long wait times usually means that:

  1. You are running a memory intensive command, query, or job.

  2. Your command is waiting behind another user running a memory intensive command, query, or job.

To diagnosis what might be causing the long run times, ask an administrator to check the status of your cluster.

I would like to use special Python/Scala/R libraries, how can I get them installed?

By default, your Magpie cluster includes a number of commonly-used data engineering and data science libraries in multiple languages. At the start of a relevant Magpie notebook paragraph (or Magpie script file), you can import libraries using the standard syntax for that language. Example import statements:

import boto3
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib
import scala.io.Source
import org.apache.spark.sql
import spark.implicits._

We are happy to consider supporting new libraries, please reach out to a member of the Silectis team.

When might I ask the admin to restart the interpreter?

You will see an error message that mention issues such as TThriftException or TApplicationException.

I see an error: “It is possible the underlying files have been updated”.

Try running refresh table YOUR_TABLE and run your command again.

How do I see more than 1,000 results?

The %sql interpreter is limited to 1,000 results. Use show X from sql(...) to show a larger number of rows.

Note: trying to return too many results can cause issues rendering all the data and might make your web browser run slowly. Instead of returning a large number of results in your browser, use the Export feature.

How can I export more than 1,000 results?

The best way is to execute your query in Magpie, sql(<sql query>). Then run export result in the following paragraph. This will provide a download link to download the full result set. For large datasets or scheduled export jobs, see our Exporting Data from Magpie page for a helpful tutorial.

How do I create a form?

The following is an example of a form paragraph:

set variable_value = "${Field Title}";

This code block will create the following input box in which users can assign variable values.

What does XYZ permission let me do?

See our permission documentation here.

How do I set variables?

There are a few ways to set variables. See our variables walk through here.

Can I specify the file name for my export?

No. The file name is generated in Magpie.

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