Create Table From Database Table

Creates a Magpie table that references a table in a JDBC data source.


create [temporary | temp] table { <target table name> | <target table spec> } [in schema <target schema reference>] 
from data source <data source reference> table <source table reference>
  [with bulk access]
  [with fetch size <fetch size>]


target table name

String. The name of the table to create.

target table spec

JSON. A specification for the new table. Note that the persistence mapping and fields are not used when creating a table with this command.

target schema reference

String. The name of the schema to save the table in. Defaults to the current schema.

data source reference

String. The name of the data source that the database table resides in.

source table reference

String. The name of the source database table to reference, optionally qualified by schema.

fetch size

Integer. The number of rows to fetch at once from a JDBC connection when reading from the table. Default 50,000.

with bulk access

None. If present, create table using bulk access connector rather than a traditional JDBC connector. Only valid for data sources that support bulk access (e.g., Redshift, Postgres).

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