Add Task

Add a task to a job


alter job <job reference> add task <task spec>

alter job <job reference> add { magpie | scala | python | r } script task <task spec>
  with script """<script>"""

alter job <job reference> add sql mapper task <task spec>
  with sql """<sql>"""

alter job <job reference> add nested job task <task spec>
  with nested job <nested job reference>


job reference

String. Name of the job to add a task to, optionally qualified by project.

task spec

JSON. Definition of the new task.


String. The script text for a Magpie, Scala, or Python script task.


String. The SQL query for a SQL mapper task.

nested job reference

String. Name of the job to link to a nested job task, optionally qualified by a project.

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